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Anti-abortion (laws) didn’t cause women to stop having abortions but upped their mortality rate, risk of damage to their bodies, shame, ridicule. See the parallel? When we make things illegal we tend to make them inherently more dangerous. If we simply accept laws as what is good for us we have many greater problems. Street drugs are dangerous because they are illegal and there is no quality control. Period, end of story.

Van Asher via Facebook (used with permission)

Daily Harm Reduction?

The idea is a simple one, we are planning to have one harm reduction tip or related quote each weekday for people to use to support their work or just have a bit of inspiration from someone in history.
These tips and quotes will sometimes be challenging, sometimes they'll focus on specific areas like injecting or on certain drugs. We will be doing our best to post tips and quotes that fit in with internationally recognised awareness days (for instance, expect overdose response related tips in August for International Overdose Awareness Day).

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We've made sharing quotes and tips from this site to social media as simple as we can:
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As well as sharing quotes on social media the ability to print individual tips/quotes and pages of tips/quotes on this site allows you to share easily offline. For example putting the weeks quotes up as a poster in your needle exchange every Monday, or collecting the tips together in a personal learning journal.
We'd love to hear how you're using the tips/quotes, be sure to let us know.
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This site is a personal project of two harm reduction advocates and, as I'm sure you've worked out, this is a big project with over 250 quotes or tips a year to find. So, if you know of a quote or tip that we should use please let us know, we'll consider anything from leaflet content, sections of reports and research, quotes from youtube videos, even quotes from ancient philosophers (both of the people running this site are fans of Stoic philosophy).

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Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel’s day job is being the Community Manager at HIT, he also runs the website and a number of other online harm reduction projects. In his spare time he can be found hiding behind a camera.

Craig Harvey

Craig Harvey

Craig is a committed harm reductionist, having worked primarily with people who inject drugs for two decades, both in the United Kingdom and Australia. A surfer, climber and wannabe novelist, he sometimes takes photographs too.




The REACH Project, Inc. (@ReachMedInc)

The REACH Project, Inc. (@ReachMedInc)

Overview of @HealthNYGov Health Hubs and the work of @ReachMedInc with @clearallan @justine_waldman. Addressing barriers to care and lives and $ saved by this model. #HarmRed18 #HarmReduction #NoStigma

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