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Countries that have ended criminal sanctions for possession of drugs have shown they have better health, social and economic outcomes, yet the UK government continues to have an evidence-free approach when it comes to the law around drugs. – Niamh Eastwood

Bold ideas could be what makes the difference.

One of the most important things we can do as advocates is to define & make concrete the vague terms used by politicians. What does it mean to “take a public health approach”? What you mean when you say “treatment”? Politicians rarely know. Our job is to make it plain for them.

It was clear people were going to use it, so we decided not to scare people by saying that fentanyl will definitely cause an overdose. Instead, we said they should use it with caution. Use less of it, use it slower, use it with other people, and keep Narcan with you. – Kristen Marshall

Any approach to drugs has to be based on protecting health and human rights. It’s not about combating drug misuse—it is about respecting people as human beings.

They thought they’d be making a latte today, but now they’re finding a dead body.

Brett Wolfson-Stofko, as part of a presentation on research around injecting in NYC business toilets. National Harm Reduction Conference 2018

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Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel’s day job is being the Community Manager at HIT, he also runs the injectingadvice.com website and a number of other online harm reduction projects. In his spare time he can be found hiding behind a camera.

Craig Harvey

Craig Harvey

Craig is a committed harm reductionist, having worked primarily with people who inject drugs for two decades, both in the United Kingdom and Australia. A surfer, climber and wannabe novelist, he sometimes takes photographs too.




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