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Letting people be people is one of the things I cherish most about harm reduction.

Mary Wheeler: Facebook Post

I know people have heard stories about shooting them up with milk or salt water, that doesn’t work. Naloxone works. – Steve Kamenicky

We need to play that game where we require politicians to finish every sentence denouncing supervised injection facilities with the phrase, “and that is why I think injecting alone in a McDonald’s bathroom is better.”

High doses of fentanyl injected quickly can result in overdoses that are atypical of opioid overdoses as most people know them, signalling a need to both be aware of the new symptoms and to tailor emergency responses. First responders and other front-line staff report that many overdoses caused by such injections are resulting in muscle rigidity, characterized by jaw and fist clenching, and a tightness to the chest that keeps it from rising and falling, making it difficult to ventilate the patient..

The complicated problem of drug abuse won’t be solved with a combination of punishment and ignorance. And 70 cities around the world show that supervised drug-use sites make a difference.

It’s painfully obvious that a lot of drug deaths are linked to ignorance, and there’s a lot we could do to avoid them by providing the most basic information.

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Craig Harvey

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