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Myths and misinformation about law enforcement and fentanyl exposure

This is an incredibly important moment nationally, and locally, to ensure we invest in strategies that we know work and not allow hysteria to guide our solutions to the overdose crisis. These stories cause very real harm: they perpetuate fear and stigma against people who use drugs resulting in negligent care, isolation and diversion of resources towards law enforcement and away from life-saving programs. A culture of increased criminalization, hostility and shame–all while wearing expensive hazmats suits, will do nothing to save lives.

Woodstock acid warning

To get back to the err … warning that I’ve received, you may take it with however many grains of salt you wish; that the brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good. Err… it’s suggested that you do stay away from that. Of course it’s your own trip so be my guest, but err… please be advised that there is a warning on that one ok.

Mary Wheeler quote

Person: Are you clean?
Me: What does that mean?
Person: You know are you sober?
Me: Do I have to be?
I feel like I asked a fair question.

Mary Wheeler’s Facebook post (used with permission)

Monique quote

Let’s hold each other a bit tighter today. Love up on each other a bit more. Let’s set aside our judgments of each other for a moment. Because tomorrow we’ll lose another member of our community and they’ll take with them the chance to be seen. Not celebritized, but seen. And that’s all we really want. Right?

From a Monique Tula Facebook post (used with permission)

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