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…the time you should use a swab is BEFORE injecting, ideally about 10 seconds before (to allow the alcohol to evaporate) and with just a single, firm rub on the skin. So why not use it after? Well its because alcohol thins blood, if you put it on an open wound then you will promote rather than stem the bleeding. The more you bleed, the more you bruise. Also the more you bleed the more blood you have to cross contaminate with.

The five ‘A’s

The five ‘A’s (ask, assess, advise, assist and arrange) used in smoking cessation may be helpfully adapted for working with cocaine users; Ask about drug use at every opportunity. Assess users’ interest in stopping or reducing. Advise about the risks of using, and the types of treatment available. Assist users to stop or reduce harm. Arrange follow up.

Coffee cups

A coffee cup — we don’t think about coffee cups, but it’s much more interesting than one might think — a coffee cup is a device, which has a container and a handle. The handle enables you to hold it when the container is filled with hot liquid. Why is that important? Well, it enables you to drink coffee. But also, by the way, the coffee is hot, the liquid is sterile; you’re not likely to get cholera that way. So the coffee cup, or the cup with a handle, is one of the tools used by society to maintain public health.

Maybe I don’t want you to be

Maybe I don’t want you to be injecting drugs, maybe I don’t want you to put your life at risk. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t accept that that’s what you’re doing with compassion, and then see how I can possibly be helpful to you.

Dr. Andrew Tatarsky

Everyone makes mistakes

“Everyone makes mistakes. But some are considered only mistakes, while others are seen as evidence of moral depravity, weakness or inferiority. And many think that such people need saving”….” Cyndee Clay disagrees. “We don’t need to rescue or save people,” she says. “We only need to provide resources so that people can handle their own business.”

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