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Whenever a policy is put in place an evaluation of that policy should also be put in place, and this is something lacking (in the criminalisation of drugs and people who use drugs)

Michel Kazatchkine speaking at HR17

Rehab and naloxone

There is a real issue with private residential rehab providers who are not willing to give people naloxone when they leave, as they fear that could make people think “This idea that we’ve sold you might not work”.

Dr. Julia Lewis – speaking at the Drugaid conference 2017

Hungary crime spending

This research found that in 2014, the total estimated national spending on harm reduction in Hungary amounted to just €1.26 million. By contrast, researchers estimated expenditure on punitive drug law enforcement in the same year to be approximately €2 billion, almost 2,000 times the amount spent on harm reduction. If a tiny proportion of this expenditure was redirected to harm reduction this would transform harm reduction programmes in the country and save countless lives.

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Nigel Brunsdon

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Craig Harvey

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RT @AlexStevensKent: Really interesting presentation on shifting perspectives of #harmreduction in Finland #issdp2019…

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