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Atypical opioid overdoses – fentanyl

High doses of fentanyl injected quickly can result in overdoses that are atypical of opioid overdoses as most people know them, signalling a need to both be aware of the new symptoms and to tailor emergency responses. First responders and other front-line staff report that many overdoses caused by such injections are resulting in muscle rigidity, characterized by jaw and fist clenching, and a tightness to the chest that keeps it from rising and falling, making it difficult to ventilate the patient..

Mark’s Abscess Story

From one peer to another, my message is this: learn to use cleanly, to filter out bacteria and to plan. It’s no good telling yourself you’ll never use again — then ending up in the same space because you do it without having all the equipment you need at hand. Get the knowledge, get the equipment. If you don’t ever do it again, great, but if you do…. well at least you won’t end up in a hospital for months in serious pain — or in a wheelchair.

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Marilyn I🎗 (@401marilynj)

RT @ANewPath99: Naloxone also known as brand name Narcan is the medication that reverses an opioid overdose . . . #harmreduction #naloxone

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