Clearly the statistics used to promote the Singapore myth either do not exist, or fall apart under scrutiny. As a result, any attempt to use the Singapore model as evidence of the effectiveness of the death penalty for drug offences is ludicrous. Given the unprecedented overdose crisis in the US, Americans deserve an evidence-based response. Pursuing myth-based drug policies will only make the problem worse.

Ronnie Cowan DCR Debate

DCRs are more than just a practical solution; they are humane, compassionate and financially effective. I can think of only two reasons why the UK Government are so resistant to the proposal: either they are stuck in an ideological mindset that people with addictions are not ill but are the product of poor lifestyle choices, or they simply do not care. – Ronnie Cowan MP

MDA 1971 is pseudo science

…the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is the biggest piece of pseudo science out there, there’s more validity in homeopathy than there is in the Misuse of Drugs Act. It’s created crime, it creates deaths, it creates increased usage of drugs… more people use drugs in the more prohibitionist societies, and governments have blood on their hands for the deaths of young people on drugs.

It used to be that when a cab driver asked what I did for a living

It used to be that when a cab driver asked what I did for a living, I mentally geared up to fight and defend my work & people against reactionary stigma and ignorance. These days, though? Its like opening a fucking floodgate of grief and trauma. Without fail the response is stories about kids, lovers, siblings, or friends who’ve OD’d or disappeared to the streets or into the judicial system. Its no longer about defending my work, but providing 5am ministration to the survivors of our failed drug policy.

Kiefer Paterson, personal Facebook post (used with permission, and slightly edited for clarity)

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