Felony to carry

Did you know that in Indiana it is a misdemeanour to carry a handgun without a license? But it’s a damn felony to carry a syringe without a prescription.
Let that sink in…

Christopher Abert, private Facebook status (used with permission)

Ethan Nadelmann

Ethan Nadelmann, one of the leading drug reformers in the United States, had explained: “People overdose because [under prohibition] they don’t know if the heroin is 1 percent or 40 percent…Just imagine if every time you picked up a bottle of wine, you didn’t know whether it was 8 percent alcohol or 80 percent alcohol [or] if every time you took an aspirin, you didn’t know if it was 5 milligrams or 500 milligrams.

Everyone makes mistakes

“Everyone makes mistakes. But some are considered only mistakes, while others are seen as evidence of moral depravity, weakness or inferiority. And many think that such people need saving”….” Cyndee Clay disagrees. “We don’t need to rescue or save people,” she says. “We only need to provide resources so that people can handle their own business.”

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Celeste George (@cie1947)

RT @pivotlegal: "Data is really important because it allows policy to change in a timely manner. Timely data on the overdoses will help the…

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