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Let’s hold each other a bit tighter today. Love up on each other a bit more. Let’s set aside our judgments of each other for a moment. Because tomorrow we’ll lose another member of our community and they’ll take with them the chance to be seen. Not celebritized, but seen. And that’s all we really want. Right?

From a Monique Tula Facebook post (used with permission)

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Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel’s day job is being the Community Manager at HIT, he also runs the website and a number of other online harm reduction projects. In his spare time he can be found hiding behind a camera.

Craig Harvey

Craig Harvey

Craig is a committed harm reductionist, having worked primarily with people who inject drugs for two decades, both in the United Kingdom and Australia. A surfer, climber and wannabe novelist, he sometimes takes photographs too.




Freedom of Choice (@LanceChurchill)

RT @SeismicPirate: @ChaunceyGardner Both @GovWhitmer and @MichiganHHS doctor @DrKhaldun are ignoring all the facts, sadly. Their flavor ban…

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