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Release’s Mission

Release’s mission has always been focused. “Right from the start, we believed that human beings like and need to have fun and be intoxicated sometimes,” she says. “We thought this was a human, social norm. We also realised that recreational drugs were an adult pleasure but that young people would always experiment, so for us the question was, ‘How do we do drugs safely, causing no harm to others and the least harm to oneself?'”

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The people behind this site

Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel's day job is being the Community Manager at HIT, he also runs the website and a number of other online harm reduction projects. In his spare time he can be found hiding behind a camera.

Craig Harvey

Craig Harvey

Craig is a committed harm reductionist, having worked primarily with people who inject drugs for two decades, both in the United Kingdom and Australia. A surfer, climber and wannabe novelist, he sometimes takes photographs too.




Molly Ogbodum (@MollyProfessor)

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