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Who is liable

Asked about who’d be liable if someone died at the site, Gagnon asked who’s liable for the drug users currently overdosing and dying on the streets with no supervision. “If people don’t come to our site they have nowhere to go. So I would say, who are we holding accountable for people dying on our streets? No one,” she said

In the right hands

Naloxone on the shelf of a nurse’s office or in the cupboard of a health center is not the optimal place to store the drug …
…It is imperative that naloxone be placed directly with the people who are most at risk of an overdose or are most likely to witness an overdose: the roommates, family members, friends and even relative strangers. – Jennifer Plumb

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Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel Brunsdon

Nigel’s day job is being the Community Manager at HIT, he also runs the injectingadvice.com website and a number of other online harm reduction projects. In his spare time he can be found hiding behind a camera.

Craig Harvey

Craig Harvey

Craig is a committed harm reductionist, having worked primarily with people who inject drugs for two decades, both in the United Kingdom and Australia. A surfer, climber and wannabe novelist, he sometimes takes photographs too.





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